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Top Prospect Group’s Top 5 Interviewing Tips for 2014

You know it, and we know it -- job searching can be an exhausting process. That’s why at Top Prospect Group, we’re working to find clients that match your skill set and job profile. Before sending resumes into the blackhole of the internet, take a few minutes to stay current on the latest tips on interviewing. 

#1 Always go into the interview prepared! That means, take time to use the power of the internet to research your target company as much as possible. Employers love it when you know the latest happenings of what’s going on in their company. This shows your dedication and desire to work for the company and displays conscientiousness -- traits that every employer wants in their employees.

#2 If you need to look at your watch (or phone) to see if you are on time, then you are probably arriving later than you should. Make sure you arrive early...but not too early. What we mean by that is always arrive 10-15 minutes before your interview. You don’t want to arrive any earlier, because it shows that you don’t have respect for your potential employers time (since now their schedules may be thrown off to sit with you). And you don’t want to arrive late because -- well, if you don’t know why you shouldn’t arrive late, then you probably shouldn’t be working there after all.

#3 Don’t bring a single copy of your resume… instead, bring five crisp copies in a folder. You never know who your potential employer may bring into the interview room. You man end up meeting more people than expected and potentially those at a higher level. You’d look kind of foolish if you weren’t prepared with a clean copy of your resume to hand to him/her.

#4 Daily judgements aside, when you are on the interview, you should always be Mr. Nice Guy or Ms. Nice Gal. Period. There is no reason not to be kind to every person you meet at your potential employer’s workplace. From receptionist to intern to boss -- stick to polite manners, dress professionally, and leave the swearing to the sailors. You never know who talks to whom or how companies assess hiring potential candidates.

#5  At the conclusion of every interview, make sure to thank your interviewer for the opportunity to meet with them. Remember, they are using their time to spend with you. Everyone knows the cliché -- time is money -- so be appreciative. Say thank you, it can go a long way.

**BONUS TIP!** Send a follow-up e-mail to every person you met with at your potential employer within 24 hours. Briefly recap your discussion about what was important to the interviewer and what you’re able to bring to the table, reiterate your interest in the position, and say thank you again. This helps you stay top of mind, even after you leave their office.

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